Beautiful Girl Baby Names

Beautiful Girl Baby Names- Many say the name is the prayer. And do occasionally give our children the baby's name in vain and without meaning. Babies are God's entrusted to our care well. Included also in the choice of baby name, either the name of a baby boy or baby girl name. So many references choice baby names that we can get on the internet or in books. It is nothing that we do not get one in our Beautiful Girl Baby Names selection.
Beautiful Girl Baby Names
Beautiful Girl Baby Names

Here are some options AelovebeL already preparing Beautiful Girl Baby Names that can be used as a reference or idea. Complete with meaning. Among them there are also Islamic Beautiful Girl Baby Names It would not hurt you to include parents and in-laws when deciding your baby's name to better solidify your choice. The following selection of  Beautiful Girl Baby Names and their meanings

1AFIFA FITIYAGirls are chaste and self-esteem
2AFRA NAILA ARKARNADaughter as a gift on the 13th night of the full moon that illuminates the heart
3AINA TALITA ZAHRANSparkling eyes of a girl
4AINIYA FAIDA AZMIChildren who have hard hearts and useful like a shade tree that blossomed
5AINUN MAHYAEyes that shine
6AISHA ALIFAHospitality is alive
7AISHA FARHANAGirls living and happy
8AKIFA NAILAWomen who often beritikaf in mosques and loves to give
9ANNISA FAIHAGirls who have a lot of excess
10ANNISA KASTURI NAIMHost daughter fragrant flowers like kasturi
11ARIQA FATINADaughter gracious and engaging
12ASKANA SAKHIGirls are good-natured and generous
13ASSYIFATU HAIFAGirls who like thirst antidote
14ATHIFA FARIHAN WARDAGirls who have feelings of joy like roses
15ATIKA BALQIS AZIZAHGenerous noble queen
16ATIKA ZAHRA RATIFAGirls are good moral, generous and radiant
17ATIQA FAIRUZ KHALISABeautiful daughter like a pure gem
18AULIA IZZATUNNISAGirls are full of love and glory
19BADRIYYA SHALIHABeautiful daughters and Sholihah
20BAHIYYA ATIQA FAIHABeautiful daughter who has a beauty and a lot of excess
21BAITI DURRIYAMy house is light pearl
22BALQIS ADZRADear queen
23BARIA KAMILIAGirls who like evergreen trees and superior
24BASIMA SHALIHAGirls smile shalihah
25BASIMA WARDATUL ZHAHIRAGirls who smiled like a glowing roses
26BASYASYA AFIFAGirls who have moderate beaming purify themselves
27BILQIS FAIHA RIFDAQueen who has a lot of advantages donor aid
28BILQIS UFAIRAQueen of the brave
29BURAIRA BALQIS FAIHAQueen who has a lot of advantages and they do good
30BUSYRA FITRIYANIGood news from the pure girl
31BUTSAINA IFTITAH NAILAPermulaan dari anak perempuan yang cantik adalah anugerah
32DALIYA ZAHRA KHASIEBThe beginning of a beautiful daughter who is a godsend
33DARY ARRIFDAGirls givers help the meek
34DARY AZZALFAGirls who like the soft surface of the pearl
35DIANA DURRIYATUL JANNAReligion is like a luminous pearl paradise
36DIANA SYAUQIAGirls who like religion missed
37DURATU ANNASIHApearls of advice
38DURATUL HIKMAHpearls of Wisdom
39DURRATUL JINANpearls of Paradise
40DURRRIYA NAILA TALITAGirl who likes to give light like a pearl

Thus some reference names and their meanings baby girl her name. May the names of some of the above references can help you who are still confused to determine your Beautiful Girl Baby Names.
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